As a B2B advertising agency we also communicate “complicated” things extremely clearly

We love complex issues and products that need explaining. Especially as we believe that even difficult communication tasks can be solved with clear and creative messages. Benefit from our many years of experience as a successful B2B advertising agency.

Whether it’s technology, medicine, research, industry or the financial sector we work intensively on any theme. We get stuck into the strategic and creative work with the necessary industry knowledge behind us.

Expertise and creativity are crucial factors in B2B communication

You don’t get a second chance at creating a first impression in the B2B segment, which is why the creative sales pitch has to be right. Even experts respond purely emotionally in the first few seconds or even fractions of seconds. Using these human components has proved to be very successful in B2B communication. We accordingly place great importance on creative, attention-grabbing messages. We underpin these with rational facts and benefits so that the attention created is translated into the corresponding professional interest.

Cross-media communication ensures greater visibility

The major classic channels such as TV, radio and posters are generally not suitable for the B2B segment. The target group is too small and specific and the scatter losses are too large.

We realise integrated communication using channels such as dialogue marketing, online, print specialist advertising, trade fairs, tools for field sales and much more. “Social media” can also be used effectively for target group dialogue. In particular, if information is created using targeted content marketing that provides value added for the products and services being offered.

Including integrated measuring of success

The permanent monitoring of success and improving individual advertising measures is given high priority in our B2B work. Integrated response tools and appropriate tracking online provide clear information early on about the effectiveness of the communication and identify any required improvements. As a result, we can efficiently manage the campaign and lead it to the desired success.

Let us personally present our services and reference projects to you from our B2B segment. E.g. at our marketing breakfast: