Greater advertising impact – thanks to cross-media campaigns

Which channel would you like then? Or how about the full works: integrated, loosely blow-dried and swept back?

As the term cross-media communication is going to be with us for quite some time, here’s a bit of an explanation first: it is highly likely that you don’t need everything!

However, you will notice that a greater impact is achieved if individual measures are combined efficiently with each other. As it is our aim to trigger lots of desired measurable reactions, we use selected tools from the following areas based on the “where” and “how” and pointed creation:

  • Classic print, TV and radio advertising campaigns
  • Dialogue communication in online & offline channels, promotions, POS design
  • IInternet and intranet websites
  • Web campaigns (SEM, Google AdWords, Banner), AD games
  • Online magazines (flash-based digital magazines)
  • 3D design and special FX visualisations

We will be happy to explain to you in person how you can reach your target group better and significantly increase the advertising impact using cross-media campaigns.