How successful is your campaign? Our advertising analysis provides the answer.

We think that advertising has to be measurable! At the end of the day, it’s all about your budget, which is only a worthwhile investment if it generates a healthy return.

We spare no effort to document the campaign impact in detail, analyse it and continue to improve communication using the data obtained. This works particularly well in the online sector but measurable indicators can also be cleverly integrated in classic media too.

As a result we measure and analyse the

  • Response rates
  • Opening rates of e-newsletters and clicking behaviour
  • User activities on websites and microsites
  • Costs per click, costs per lead, costs per order
  • Change to branding and image values
  • Change of awareness regarding specific themes and issues

At the end there are clear results based on sound data. Or in other words: we ensure that the “call to action” does not fall on deaf ears. Got it?

We will be happy to give you detailed insight into our approach.